Weka MOOCs started again


Data Mining with Weka and More Data Mining with Weka are underway!

Head over to FutureLearn, sign up and get started!

Topics covered in Data Mining with Weka:

  • What is data mining?
  • Where can it be applied?
  • How do simple classification algorithms work?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • In what ways are real-life classification methods more complex?
  • How should you evaluate a classifier’s performance?
  • What is “overfitting” and how can you combat it?
  • How can ensemble techniques combine the result of different algorithms?
  • What ethical considerations arise when mining data?

Topics covered in More Data Mining with Weka:

  • Running large-scale data mining experiments
  • Constructing and executing knowledge flows
  • Processing very large datasets
  • Analyzing collections of textual documents
  • Mining association rules
  • Preprocessing data using a range of filters
  • Automatic methods of attribute selection
  • Clustering data
  • Taking account of different decision costs
  • Producing learning curves
  • Optimizing learning parameters in data mining


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