Quick Start#

To get started, download MEKA and run ./run.sh (run.bat on Windows) to launch the GUI.

MEKA Tutorial#

The MEKA tutorial (pdf) has numerous examples on how to run and extend MEKA.

Note also the manuscript MEKA: A Multi-label/Multi-target Extension to WEKA introducing the MEKA farmework.

See a list of the most common methods available in MEKA, and (command-line) examples on how to use them. More method-specific details can be found in the links below.

There are also some examples on how to use Meka in your own Java code.

MEKA originated from implementations of work from various publications (note also the references therein). There are some tutorials/slides about multi-label and multi-target classification in general.

Note other software that uses MEKA:

and other multi-label links:

Getting Help#

Have a specific problem or query? Then create an issue on our Github project page (but please search beforehand whether not someone already asked the same question):


NB: Avoid contacting developers directly for MEKA-related help.


A list of current issues in Meka (known bugs, planned improvements, feature wishlist) can be found at github.com/Waikato/meka/issues. Please add one if you believe you have another (but please check first to make sure it hasn't been raised already!)


The Meka developers never have enough time to implement everything that should be in Meka. If you would like to contribute something new to Meka (add a feature, improve some existing code), or help with any of the existing issues, please get in touch with the developers.