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Accelerated WEKA

Accelerated WEKA - easy GPU support using WEKA

Accelerated WEKA unifies the WEKA software, a well-known and open-source Java software, with new technologies that leverage the GPU to shorten the execution time of ML algorithms. It has two benefits aimed at users without expertise in system configuration and coding: an easy installation and a GUI that guides the configuration and execution of the ML tasks. Accelerated WEKA is a collection of packages available for WEKA (e.g., WDL4J, wekaPython, and wekaRAPIDS). Accelerated WEKA can be easiy installed and anyone can extend it to support new tools and algorithms.

Easy to install and use

One of the best features of Accelerated WEKA is the installation method, which helps users without expertise in system configuration to bypass such issues as setting up different dependencies and environment variables. In addition, everything is accessible via the Weka GUI, the commandline and programmatically in Java.

Check the Getting Started section.