Accelerated WEKA was designed to provide an easy installation process. Accelerated WEKA simplifies the installation process by using the conda environment. This makes straightforward to use Accelerated WEKA from the beginning. Once you have conda installed, Accelerated WEKA can be installed by issuing the following command:

conda create --solver=libmamba -n accelweka -c rapidsai -c nvidia -c conda-forge  -c waikato weka

Conda will take care of the configuration of dependencies, and after finishing the installation, you can start using Accelerated WEKA immediately by activating the newly created environment.

conda activate accelweka

And finally, launching WEKA GUI


Alternatively, you can run stuff from the command line:

weka -main weka.Run .RandomRBF -n 100000 -a 500 > RBFa500n100k.arff
weka -memory 48g -main weka.Run weka.classifiers.rapids.CuMLClassifier -split-percentage 80 -learner RandomForestClassifier -t $(pwd)/RBFa5kn1k.arff -py-command python

Or Programatically through Java.

Feel welcome to open an issue on GitHub if you are having any trouble.