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Getting help

In addition to consulting the available documentation, try searching a mailing list archive or community forum to check whether a solution to your problem has already been posted there. Please consult these sources of information before posting a query on the Weka mailing list or elsewhere. And please never email individual Weka developers directly.

When you do post a message regarding a problem you encountered with Weka, please include as much as information as possible. In particular, consider running Weka with a console window open so that you can see the entire error output from Java (including the Java stack trace). This makes it much more likely that you will get useful help. When posting questions, comments, or bug reports to the Weka mailing list, consider the mailing list etiquette.

Mailing list archive and mirrors#

Forums offering help#

Bug reports#

IRC channel for discussing Weka#

  • ##weka on freenode.