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  • Weka download problems
  • OutOfMemoryException
  • StackOverflowError
  • just-in-time (JIT) compiler
  • CSV file conversion
  • ARFF file doesn't load
  • Error message: nominal value not declared in header, read Token[X], line Y
  • Spaces in labels of ARFF files
  • Single quotes in labels of ARFF files
  • CLASSPATH problems
  • Instance ID
  • Visualization
  • Memory consumption and Garbage collector
  • GUIChooser starts but not Experimenter or Explorer
  • KnowledgeFlow toolbars are empty
  • OSX Mountain Lion - Weka x-y-z is damaged and can't be installed. You should eject the disk image
  • Ubuntu 18.04: WARNING: Failed to load implementation from: com.github.fommil.netlib.NativeSystemBLAS

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