Basic usage

  • Can I use CSV files?
  • How do I perform CSV file conversion?
  • How do I divide a dataset into training and test set?
  • How do I generate compatible train and test sets that get processed with a filter?
  • How do I perform attribute selection?
  • How do I perform clustering?
  • Where do I find visualization of classifiers, etc.?
  • How do I perform text classification?
  • How can I perform multi-instance learning in WEKA?
  • How do I perform cost-sensitive classification?
  • How do I make predictions with a trained model?
  • Why am I missing certain nominal or string values from sparse instances?
  • Can I use WEKA for time series analysis?
  • Does WEKA support multi-label classification?
  • How do I perform one-class classification?
  • Can I make a screenshot of a plot or graph directly in WEKA?
  • How do I use the package manager?
  • What do I do if the package manager does not start?

Advanced usage

  • How can I track instances in WEKA?
  • How do I use ID attributes?
  • How do I connect to a database?
  • How do I use WEKA from command line?
  • Can I tune the parameters of a classifier?
  • How do I generate Learning curves?
  • Where can I find information regarding ROC curves?
  • I have unbalanced data - now what?
  • Can I run an experiment using clusterers in the Experimenter?
  • How can I use transactional data in Weka?
  • How can I use Weka with Matlab or Octave?

Customizing Weka

  • Can I change the colors (background, axes, etc.) of the plots in WEKA?
  • How do I add a new classifier, filter, kernel, etc

Using third-party tools

  • How do I use libsvm in WEKA?
  • The snowball stemmers don't work, what am I doing wrong?

Developing with WEKA

  • Where can I get WEKA's source code?
  • How do I compile WEKA?
  • What is Subversion and what do I need to do to access it?
  • How do I use WEKA's classes in my own code?
  • How do I write a new classifier or filter?
  • Can I compile WEKA into native code?
  • Can I use WEKA from C#?
  • Can I use WEKA from Python?
  • Can I use WEKA from Groovy?
  • Serialization is nice, but what about generating actual Java code from WEKA classes?
  • How are packages structured for the package management system?
  • Pluggable evaluation metrics for classification/regression
  • How can I contribute to WEKA?


  • How do I modify the CLASSPATH?
  • How do I modify the RunWeka.bat file?
  • Can I process UTF-8 datasets or files?
  • How do I run the Windows Weka installer in silent mode?


  • I have Weka download problems - what's going wrong?
  • My ARFF file doesn't load - why?
  • What does nominal value not declared in header, read Token[X], line Y mean?
  • How do I get rid of this OutOfMemoryException?
  • How do I deal with a StackOverflowError?
  • Why do I get the error message 'training and test set are not compatible'?
  • Couldn't read from database: unknown data type
  • Trying to add JDBC driver: ... - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
  • I cannot process large datasets - any ideas?
  • See Troubleshooting article for more troubleshooting.