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Used for customizing the initial Experimenter settings.


  • >= 3.4.6
  • >= 3.5.1


  • Extension

    the default extension in the file-dialog (and therefore format)

    • .exp - uses Java Serialization
    • [.xml](xml#serialization of
    • [.koml](xml#serialization of
  • Destination - simple

    the default destination

    • ARFF file
    • CSV file
    • JDBC database
  • ExperimentType - simple

    the experiment type

    • Cross-validation
    • Train/Test Percentage Split (data randomized)
    • Train/Test Percentage Split (order preserved)
  • UseClassification - simple

    whether classification is the default (true) or regression (false)

  • Folds - simple

    the default number of CV folds

  • TrainPercentage - simple

    the default percentage for training (0 - 100)

  • Repetitions - simple

    the default number of repetitions

  • DatasetsFirst

    whether datasets are first iterated (true) or the algorithms (false)

  • InitialDatasetsDirectory

    the initial datasets directory Note for Win32: the path backslashes have to written as "\"

  • UseRelativePaths

    whether to use relative paths (true) or absolute ones (false)

  • Tester

    the default tester to use

    • Paired T-Tester (corrected)
    • Paired T-Tester
  • Row

    the row selection

  • Column

    the column selection

  • ComparisonField

    the default comparison field (lower case!), cf. combobox

  • Significance

    the default significance (0.0 - 1.0)

  • Sorting

    the default sorting, left empty means no sorting at all

  • ShowStdDev

    whether stddevs are displayed by default

  • ShowAverage

    whether the Average is displayed by default (prints an additional list in the results)

  • MeanPrecision

    the default precision for the mean

  • StdDevPrecision

    the default precision for the stdev

  • OutputFormat

    the classname of the ResultMatrix, responsible for the default output format (see weka.experiment package)

  • RemoveFilterClassnames

    whether filter classnames are removed by default

Note: simple means that this option is only available in the simple version of the Experimenter, not the advanced one

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